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V-Tram, a full range of points and crossings for modern tramways

Vossloh Cogifer designs and produces complete motorized points and crossings solutions and signalling systems for tramways, regardless of the rail profile or technique used.

For maximum comfort, safety and reliability, Vossloh Cogifer has developed machined, solid monobloc points, to optimize life cycle cost of points and crossings.

Explore V-Tram, our full range of points and crossings for modern tramways:

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V-Tram also offers you a complete range of services

Location assessments, route recommendations, choice of points
- Completion:
Pre-assembly, help with laying, commission on site and acceptance on track, monitoring of points and crossings and signalling systems
- Maintenance and after-sales service:
V-Survey, a management and maintenance support tool for all your network points and crossings (inspection, diagnostics, maintenance, renovation, expertise)
- Training:
Installation or maintenance of track equipment or signalling systems

V-Tram video

V-Tram, a full range of solutions for modern tramways, safety equipment and associated services.