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Track monitoring

Vossloh Cogifer and its subsidiary, SIEMA Applications have offer their PRIME customers a complete and innovative line of products for preventive and event driven remote monitoring of railway equipment located on the track, in signalling boxes or in train stations.

A complete, modular product range

Vossloh Cogifer helps its customers from the outset with their remote monitoring or predictive maintenance project. The company diagnoses need to recommend tailor-made solutions. We provide an answer for every problem relating to monitoring of equipment, on all types of railway line.

A cutting-edge technology package

The Group's product range includes the latest digital communications technology: connection to the GSM-R network allows wireless installation and use of IP keeps the costs of installation or modifications to the installation down. On one installation, we can combine all of these new technologies with the existing analog environment.

PRIME consists mainly of the following products (Download the brochure):

- SIAM: for remote monitoring, this software remotely provides accurate and reliable information on the state of the equipment. It provides real help with deciding on and preparing site intervention.

- SURVAIG NGŪ and SURTRACK: respectively designed for predictive maintenance of track equipment and track circuits, they warn the maintenance department of a possible fault and of changes to particular parameters. A quick response can then be made to prevent any malfunction. Control systems consist of an event-recorder, a user configuration tool, a local diagnostic tool and a web server diagnostic tool. SURVAIG NG® and SURTRACK are developed on a common platform and are fully compatible.

- BTW « automatic Break Transmission in electrical Wire » is a real time remote monitoring system able to detect a cable cut (Download the brochure).
It allows:

       - To detect and localize in real time a cable cut with an accuracy of 50 meters

       - The doubt removing thanks to the redundancy of the system: each alert detected by a first sensor is confirmed immediately by the second

       - The  system sends an alarm in real time to the monitoring station on a dedicated Man Machine Interface

       - Information are transmitted to several stakeholders by E-mail or SMS

       - Finally, if a second cut occurs, the system will be able to give the length of stolen cable. The maintenance team will know at the same time the localization of the incident and the right quantity of cable they have to dispatch to repair.

The system is based on a patented technology used in the aircraft industry.
Watch the BTW video

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