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Mobile point frog, manganese frog with welded branch lines

Cast manganese frog with mobile points:

This product is exclusively produced by Vossloh Cogifer for High Speed systems. It enables crossing at speeds greater than 320 km/h in a straight line, and 230 km/h in reverse. Other different applications may be envisaged in this domain, for example, cast manganese frogs with mobile points for switch gear designed for heavy loads.

Manganese frog with welded branch lines:

This is the most important innovation in the manganese frog domain, reputed for their high resistance. The Vossloh Cogifer Design Office has developed an industrial process to weld rails to the frog instead of clipping them; thus perfect continuity of the track is guaranteed in straight lines or curves. Approximately 2,000 frogs of this type are manufactured per year. Several national networks have already chosen this solution in Europe (Belgium, France, Italy, Scandinavia), in Africa and in the United States.