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V-Speed, our full range of points and crossings for very high speed lines

For a ballasted or slab track, Vossloh Cogifer is the preferred contact for manufacture and supply of specialized points and crossings. Vossloh Cogifer's patented technology for movable manganese monobloc frogs and fully-inclined running table are designed for trains to operate at the highest speeds, in the safest and most comfortable conditions.

So far, over 1500 very high speed points and crossings have been supplied by Vossloh Cogifer to various networks around the world.

Explore V-Speed, our full range of reliable, performance points and crossings for very high speed lines.

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560 km/h
This is the speed at which the TGV travelled over the Vossloh Cogifer points and crossings on its record-breaking 578.4 km/hr run in France, in April 2007.

One record can hide another
When the world speed record was set on the Est Européenne high-speed line on 3 April 2007, at about 1.14 p.m. the record-breaking train ran through TG 1/46 - 60E1- 60E1A4 points and crossings, designed and manufactured by Vossloh Cogifer, at a speed of 560 km/h at kilometre 188, some 3 km after the record at 574.8 km/h.
The entire running table of these movable point frog points and crossings is inclined at 1 in 20, a feature providing optimum stability at high speed, as confirmed by many test runs at speeds above 300 km/h. The points and crossings are fitted with safety devices and operating mechanisms developed by Vossloh Cogifer.