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Clicomatic - rail lubrication equipment

Clicomatic is easy to install practically anywhere.
The Clicomatic rail lubrication equipment has been developed by Vossloh Nordic Switch Systems, the Scandinavian subsidiary of the Vossloh Cogifer group, together with the Swedish Infrastructure owner.

The importance of rail lubrication in reducing wear on rails and wheel flanges has been recognized for a long time. The need to reduce noise and vibrations can also be a factor requiring the lubrication of rails at switches or in curves, especially in urban environments. Investigations show that wear on the wheel flanges is reduced by 50% when Clicomatic is used. Lifetime of switch tongues and stock rails will also increase considerably. In this way the lifespan of the rail and the wheel flanges increases remarkably and achieves long-term cost-savings.

Clicomatic consists of two units: a steel cabinet, which is mounted on a pole beside the track and a grease gun housing, which is fastened on a sleeper in the track. A protection hose in which the cables and grease hose run connects both pieces.

Passing trains create vibrations in the rails and these are detected by the vibration sensor mounted in the grease gun. From here a signal is sent to the control unit, and the lubricant is then ejected through the four holes of the nozzle in pre-programmed intervals. These intervals are adjustable, and may be adjusted according to the characteristics of the trains, such as train speed, loading, length, contact surface between wheel flange and rail, curve radius and type of grease. We offer our customers individually adapted designs based on their needs and requirements. Clicomatic can operate on railways, tramways, subways, harbours and industrial tracks and also in mines.

Clicomatic is available with three different power systems: gas, electricity and solar energy. All systems are designed so that you do not have to drill or otherwise interfere with the rail. This will practically eliminate all wear on the lubrication equipment, and it will be reliable and without problems when in use. Additionally, the systems are both cost effective and environmentally friendly since they only use the precise amount of lubricant needed to lubricate the rail effectively.

Easy to install practically anywhere, easy, quick and clean to change grease quality (recommended environmental friendly grease is Vossloh Nordic BIO -25/40°C Rail Grease), the use of Clicomatic is simple and the need for service and maintenance is exceptionally low.

Clicomatic has already been installed in many countries in Europe, North America and Asia and suits to every market and application in the world.