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Expansion joints

Vossloh Cogifer expansion joints are intended to ensure continuity of the main track structures despite temperature variations, ensuring perfectly continuity of running, since the rail type and inclination are identical to those of the running track.

They allow 2 lines of rails broken in line with the moving parts of the structures, to move longitudinally.

This longitudinal movement is caused mainly by movement of the rail fixed to the moving part of the structure, by the movement of the continuous welded rail on the structure and by braking or traction forces.

In a continuous welded rail section of track, expansion joints absorb the effects caused by movements induced by expansion of rails and structures (bridges, viaducts, etc.).

A guardrail increases safety as the train passes over the structure where the expansion joint is installed. These guardrails are placed so that they do not interfere with tamping work.

Vossloh-Cogifer's expansion joints are designed to fit into the tracks without restricting speed.